Premade Team - Coordinator



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About the Role

You'll be a part of our premade team, handling our minehut profile. Adding builds, managing builds, keeping up with their specs, content writing and marketing. 

- Uploading new builds: Taking build files (.schematic) and taking screenshots of the builds. Plus coming up with a title, writing details, and uploading on our website using WIX. (Tutorials Available) 

- Uploading to minehut: Upload .schemtic to server 

  • Set a spawn point Download world

  • Download all images of the build (from our store) 

  • Upload to Minehut (images, world file) 

  • Write an interesting description (add size, places, etc)


  • Must be age 16 or above.

  • Must be able to sign NDA.

  • Must be able to receive payments via paypal.

  • Must be able to dedicate enough time and complete tasks on time.

  • You have the required hardware to run Minecraft, browser, and handle all the tasks.

  • You need at least a basic level of knowledge of how Minecraft works, and figure out the process with a few guides.

  • You must either have a server or must be able to host one locally to host builds.

  • Experience with Minecraft builds, setups and servers are required, experience with graphic design, having good English is a bonus.

  • Experience with world edit is a huge bonus. But you must be willing to learn it.

About the Company

Starting out in 2018, as a group of freelancers who wanted to create high-quality projects for Minecraft servers, We've expanded onto various other markets, such Minecraft bedrock and premade builds. With thousands of projects completed, 300+ freelancers, 1500+ clients and 100,000+ downloads on bedrock we are ever-expanding. As a member of premade team, you'll be working on multiple projects: Dollar builds - One of the leader non exclusive stores in the minecraft space, offering builds for a very cheap price. Senior Team (Builds) - #1 service team in the industry, highest quality custom builds, also has the top store for premade exclusive and semi-exclusive builds Senior Team's Minehut - Minehut is a free Minecraft server host where users can build and play with a community of over 2 million users. Create your server at and join the Discord for announcements, updates, and more. Senior Team publishes on minehut's market which is one of the biggest upcoming market for minecraft java. We're looking for coordinators who can handle our minehut profile, aswell as our other fronts which require a similar amount of work. Our premade teams publish on our minehut profiles, builds on our premade stores, and on platforms like mc-market, and other platforms we might choose to publish on.