Senior Marketing - Marketing Specialist



Job Type


About the Role

The role of a Marketing Specialist under Senior Marketing will be those working hands-on with the clients in order to create a custom marketing plan and formulate the necessary schedule of all key components for a successful marketing campaign. Those who are selected for the role will be given access to the leading resources, and contacts in the industry and will be given access to use them for the growth of the clients whom they are working with.


  • Applicant is required to have 2+ years of experience in the marketing/management field.

  • Applicant is required to understand terminology related to the marketing/management field.

  • Applicant is required to understand the algorithm of all major social platforms.

  • Applicant is required to exceed the common standards of professionalism.

  • Applicant is required to be able to understand a client’s goals and work diligently to achieve them.

  • Applicant is required to be consistently active to ensure analytics are properly reviewed.

About the Company

Senior Marketing is a marketing firm designed to help those in the digital space, like; Minecraft servers, hosting providers, and others, become a widely recognized name that allows for those businesses to feel successful and hopeful for the future. The ability for Senior Marketing to achieve this will be done through our carefully selected team of professionals with years of experience in their area. Through the use of the Senior Marketing team, and respective resources the stage is set to ensure that growth is achieved for all clients that choose our marketing services.