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The cutest anime teens are here, waiting to be accompanied.
Bring your friends and create the ultimate kawaii team!

+ Mega pack of 25 anime teen skins, allowing you to find the ones which suit you best!
+ Embrace the japanese culture and customize your own character with the help of this pack.
+ 2 FREE skins included!


Equip the latest lucky block fashion and enjoy the supreme trend!
Coming in 12 different colors, you have plenty of choices to find the lucky teen that suits you best.

+ 12 teens, ready to spread the ultimate lucky block vibes!
+ Choose your lucky teen and let the adventure begin.
+ 1 FREE skin included!


Halloween is over, but who says you can't enjoy the fall vibes anymore?
Whether you want a hat, a coat or casual clothing, we have it all here. Grab a pumpkin and get your adventure started!

+ 16 Fall Teens, going to bring the autumn vibes back to you!
+ Can anyone really hate the fall? We do not think so...
+ 2 FREE skins included!


Meet the six elemental nations: fire, water, air, earth, ice and nature!
Choose your side and prepare to represent it proudly.

+ 12 teens, bringing the magic elemental power to your worlds!
+ Lead your nation to prosperity and start a great adventure today.
+ 1 FREE skin included!


Prepare for an epic anime fight with the latest warrior skins!
Whether you plan to be a ninja, a samurai or a karate fighter, you're free to choose your side and let the battle begin.

+ 12 anime warriors, ready to unleash their abilities in combat!
+ Spreading the anime vibes on all your worlds.
+ 1 FREE skin included!


Pssst, the secret agents are recruiting for their missions!
It's your chance to join them and start your mysterious adventure today.

+ 12 mob secret agents, creating the ultimate Minecraft spy squad!
+ Get a taste of the agent life and take part in secret missions on your worlds.
+ 1 FREE skin included!


It's time to exercise, with the help of the coolest athlete skins!
Choose your favourite sport and start your career today!

+ 16 athletes, ready for the daily dose of exercising!
+ Be fit, healthy and happy - that's what matters most.
+ 2 FREE skins included!


Time to go back to school! Don't worry, we promise you'll love every single bit of it.
After all, it's the Minecraft School you're going to attend today!

+ 12 exclusive teens, going to attend cool Minecraft classes on any world!
+ Prepare to use your top-notch Minecraft skills and excel in all the subjects.
+ 1 FREE skin included!


Start a new adventure today and explore the unknown!
Be an archer, a pirate or just a simple traveler - the choice is all yours.

+ 12 adventurers, starting a new chapter of their journey today!
+ The ultimate adventures are now ready to be started.
+ 1 FREE skin included!


All four seasons of the year are special in their own way, so explore the best outfits for each of them!
Prepare for a trip to the beach or gear up for a walk in the rain - the choice is yours.

+ 12 teens dressed in seasonal clothing and having fun together!
+ 4 seasons, 4 different vibes.
+ 1 FREE skin included!

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