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Choose from: Youtuber Commissions, Server Commissions, Custom Builds, Premade Builds, Hosting, Plugin Development, Graphic Design and much more.

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Melvin Hedlund

Chief Executive Officer


Are you a YouTuber?

Please contact us directly for YouTuber commissions, 
This allows us to offer you better experience.

We can do: Minecraft Builds, Plugin Development, Behavior Packs, Bedrock Development & Building, Minecraft Modelling,
Skin Designs, and much more!

or add MelleJunior#8066 on discord.

Custom Builds

Are you looking for High Quality custom Builds?

We're the #1 Service Provider In the industry.

To order custom builds,
- Join our discord server
- Go to #Ticket-creation and create a ticket
- Choose "Get a Quote"
- Choose "Building" when asked to choose a service.

Our automated system will get you a builder as soon as possible. You can always use #quick-support to get help.

Bedrock Commissions

Are you looking for Bedrock Development, Building or Designing? You're at the right place.

We're an Official Minecraft Partner, and can create awesome packs, designs and builds. We also offer Bedrock publishing.

Send us an email to schedule a call.
You can also see our packs here.

or add MelleJunior#8066 on discord.

Senior Team

Are you looking for Custom Services?

We're the #1 Service Provider In the industry.

We offer Design, Building, Web, Models, Skins, Plugins, Discord bots, Setups, Optimization, Trainers, and more.

Join our discord and head over to #ticket-creation to create a request.

Check out our products.

Marketplace Packs

Explore our High-Quality Marketplace Creations!
Choose from 100+ Maps, Skinpacks and much more. 

Exclusive Premade Builds

Choose your favorite Exclusive, Semi-Exclusive, or Non-Exclusive build from the library of 100s of builds.​

Exclusive builds are only sold once, forever and semi-exclusive builds are only sold 5 times, forever.

Dollar Builds

We brought high-quality Minecraft builds to a dollar! Check out dollar builds!

Choose from 200+ HQ Builds.

Senior Hosting

Providing hosting services that are affordable, user experience prioritized, and unrivaled with the competition present.

Can't Find what you're looking for?

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