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How Dream Broke The Internet

One man caused over 500,000 people to stop their daily lives to see his face for the first time on the premiere of the YouTube video.

When this many people stop to witness an event it is usually a historic, tragic, or crucial event in human history; not a YouTuber who decided to begin making real-life content.

This overwhelming eagerness to see one man's face, the viral Minecraft YouTube sensation Dream, has left many wondering how and why this all happened. Whether you know about the Minecraft content creation industry or are new to it, allow us to take you along on the ride.

Origins of Dream

From the start, many assume Dream had always been eager to be a multi-millionaire Minecraft content creator, as he is now. However, there is a long history to his story that led him to where he is today.

Dream had always had an interest in coding, specifically Minecraft mods and plugins. His talents with these creations would allow for him to work for the 2nd most subscribed to individual creator on YouTube, Mr. Beast.

That's right, Dream's first big break into the content creation space would be with a creator who has transformed himself into a household name. Having a relationship with Mr. Beast, who is a very detailed and creative genius, would allow Dream to understand the algorithm and how to grow as a content creator with your audience.

With his knowledge in coding, algorithms, and "marketing" (Twitch Prime anyone?) Dream had become the full package to set himself on the trajectory of becoming a content creator with over 30 million subscribers.

Manhunt Series

The manhunt series, in which Dream would be chased by a group of his friends, is what made Dream explode (not because of a creeper) in popularity.

It may be hard for the average person to understand how something so simple could cause such enjoyment as in today's world everything needs to be this "over-edited" content; but on a deeper look, it is easy to understand.

Raw form content is often neglected in today's world, and that is exactly what the manhunt series provided. The content wasn't staged or scripted, we got to see the true personalities and reactions of all members in the video and it made us feel as though we were "one with the content".


Yes, yes, and yes.

Yes, this is the survival multiplayer server (SMP) that featured TommyInnit, Ranboo, Tubbo, and many other creators, Yes, this is the survival multiplayer server in which Mr. Beast hosted a gift card scavenger hunt. Finally, yes, this is the survival multiplayer server that led to the explosion of so many creators, including Dream.

Similar to the manhunt series, this server brought content creators together to simply enjoy Minecraft and allow the viewers of the live streams and videos to enjoy the raw emotion presented.

Along with that, the addition of a storyline, lore as some call it, allowed the viewer to feel as though they were one with L'Manberg, or the other side we don't like, Ultimately, conveying these feelings allowed viewers to fall in love with all the creators on the server but most importantly Dream.


These few instances aren't the only things that led to his rise and eventual breaking of the internet. It had to do with the secrecy of who he truly was, while also conveying his emotions of real life.

This allowed viewers to feel his emotions and understand it was a real person behind that screen, but also be left constantly wondering not only who he was, but what did he look like.

Now that the major steps Dream took to break the internet, the emotions conveyed, it begs the question, who is next? Perhaps, you are the next viral Minecraft content creator.



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