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What Makes Hypixel So Popular?

What is Hypixel?

Originally opened in 2013, Hypixel or the Hypixel Network is a Minecraft Minigame server for Java Minecraft that is widely considered the most popular Minecraft server. In April 2021, Hypixel had over 200,000 concurrent players, and usually has over 100,000 playing at any time. It’s hard to debate how successful the server is, but that didn’t all happen overnight, so how does Hypixel continue to flourish while other servers die?

Originality and Creativity

Possibly Hypixel’s greatest asset is their innovation. If their games aren’t new, then they are fun spins on classics. Games like Skyblock and Survival Games are some of the oldest Minecraft games, but Hypixel’s Skyblock is a lot more complicated than your traditional version, and they have so many different versions of Survival Games you’re spoilt for choice. Meanwhile, they also take completely other video games, and add them into Minecraft. For example Cops and Crims is just like Call of Duty, but in a much more friendly, Minecraft version. They’re unique games really make them stand out from other servers, who only have the same 6 options on rotation.


Unlike a lot of servers, who picked certain games and stuck with them, Hypixel is constantly changing and updating. They pick up on new trends, and create some themselves. Each update adds something new that catches the eye of a player, who might recommend it to a friend, who might end up joining, then telling their friends to join, and it just keeps on going. Whereas some servers get left behind in outdated, oversaturated games, Hypixel keeps being a trendy and innovate server for people to play on.

Fun Games/Easy to Play

Not only are their games genuinely really fun, but they are also easy to get into. Even if you don’t have a very good computer, or you just aren’t very good at the game, there are plenty of choices. You also don’t need to grind games if you don’t want to, and all players are given the same chances at winning.

Variety and Diversity

While the games are original and fun, there are also so many options. From PVP to minigames to survival to building to a combination of everything, Hypixel will have a game you want to play. The only issue might be, will others want to? If there aren’t many players in your choice of game, you may find yourself waiting in lobbies for longer than you want, but that is an issue that comes with such a diverse range.

New/Upcoming Games

As well as having these games, they have a “Prototype” lobby that allows players to see their new and upcoming games. They are known to be still in development, but if they are enjoyed enough by players they will be made into their own lobby. This allows the Hypixel developers to know where to focus their attention, as they know what kind of games will be enjoyed most by players.

Watchdog and Staff

Hypixel’s Watchdog is a Cheat Detection System that finds hackers or cheaters a lot faster than staff could manually. It has had years to be modified and developed, and plenty of people agree it is good at what it does. It also allows players to report other players, then Watchdog monitors them for any kind of cheating. Having a good anti-cheat system is crucial to having a good server, as it makes the experience more fun for the player.


YouTubers, Twitch Streamers and general Minecraft Influencers, such as TommyInnit, played a huge part in the server’s success. Whether they played competitive pvp games, like Skywars, or Blitz, or they were into the more chill but grindy games like Skyblock, they showed their viewers the server. Many of those people then joined the server themselves, maybe to get in a video of their favourite YouTuber, or because they were genuinely intrigued by the server. Either way, the Influencers did exactly what they were supposed to, and influenced people to experience the server.


A lot of Hypixel’s success in the Minecraft Community comes down to their own uniqueness and ability to adapt to new crazes. Their originality in games that are just entertaining in their own right causes players to keep coming back for more, and lures in new players to join.



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