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  Case Study  

LEGO® Minecraft® x Senior Studios:
Immersive Minecraft Experience


In an unparalleled collaboration, Senior Studios joined forces with LEGO® Minecraft® to create a virtual building competition like no other. This project had dual aims: to ignite creativity and collaboration within the Minecraft community and to promote four specific LEGO® Minecraft® sets.

About the Project

At Senior Studios, we go beyond mere gameplay, aiming to construct digital environments rich in storytelling, innovation, and community involvement. Our synergy with LEGO® Minecraft®—a brand focused on uniting the tangible and digital play experiences—was a natural fit. Our ambitious targets included engaging 100,000 unique players in our server experience and reaching 5,750,000 impressions within a 30-day period.

Remarkable Impact


Total Unique Minecraft Players Reached


Total Impressions

Initial Situation

LEGO® Minecraft® reached out to Senior Studios with an ambitious plan to promote four specific Minecraft sets while ensuring an immersive, engaging in-game experience. The initiative encompassed creative building competitions, influencer partnerships, and seamless incorporation of LEGO® Minecraft® elements in Minecraft.


Promoting LEGO® Minecraft® Sets: Boost visibility and desirability for the four target LEGO® Minecraft® sets.

Player Engagement: Engage the Minecraft community in a manner that allows for sustained interaction over an extended period.

Brand Synergy: Integrate the distinct narratives and characters of LEGO® Minecraft® into the Minecraft universe without diluting either brand.

Specific Client, Tailored Approach

Understanding the multifaceted LEGO® Minecraft® brand, we devised a strategy to not just adapt but accentuate these elements in a cohesive Minecraft environment. We focused on creating an ecosystem where each block and storyline augmented the others, enriching the player experience.

LEGO Minecraft billboard

Metrics & Timing

Sophisticated real-time analytics monitored how players interacted with the LEGO® Minecraft® elements, how long they spent in-game, and their path within the game. This data-driven approach allowed us to fine-tune engagement strategies dynamically.

Challenges and Solutions

Striking a balance between the commercial promotion of the LEGO® Minecraft® sets and delivering an engaging player experience was a major challenge. Through iterative design, we addressed these concerns, crafting an experience that was both commercially successful and deeply engaging.

What We Are Most Proud Of

The most satisfying result has been the positive community response. Our client’s delight with the results was the cherry on top, and we are in advanced discussions for future collaborations.

How We Promoted It

A. YouTuber Collaborations: Joining forces with renowned YouTubers - Dangthatsalongname, Solidarity, and OwengeJuiceTV - we guaranteed our event resonated with the vast Minecraft community.

Dive into their perspectives:

B. Partnership with Super League: Our alliance with Super League allowed us to seamlessly integrate our LEGO® Minecraft® server within Minehut's server ecosystem. Through this strategic move, players on Minehut could effortlessly transition to our server, either via a portal or an NPC situated in the Minehut lobby. This pivotal partnership granted us direct access to an expansive user base, amplifying our reach and impact.

Visual Showcase

Promo Video

Player Builds Showcase

Results: By The Numbers

LEGO Minecraft campaign results

Through strategic collaborations and meticulously crafted gameplay, we managed to exceed our original ambitious objectives. The LEGO® Minecraft® sets received increased visibility, and players enjoyed a richer, more immersive Minecraft experience than ever before.

Audience Feedback


of players were not aware of LEGO® Minecraft® prior to seeing it here.

  Brand Awareness Pre-event  


of players now wish to own

a LEGO® Minecraft® set.

  Brand Interest Post-event  


 of players would recommend a LEGO® Minecraft® set to a friend or sibling.

  Recommendation Potential  

Voice of our Partners

Working with Senior Studios was an absolute game-changer. Their unwavering support, clear guidance, and remarkable understanding of the Minecraft platform truly set them apart. They seamlessly incorporated [LEGO’s] requirements into a brand experience that surpassed expectations and I look forward to working with them again in future projects!

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Transform Your Brand with Senior Studios: Minecraft Excellence Awaits!

Elevate your brand's virtual presence with Senior Studios. We've redefined excellence, setting new benchmarks with successful collaborations, like LEGO® Minecraft®, showcasing our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Your immersive journey begins here.

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