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Senior Studios 

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Opera GX

Opera GX Playground

Harnessing the power of collaborative creativity, we partnered with Opera GX to build a dedicated Minecraft server complete with visually stunning hubs and engaging game modes, crafting a one-of-a-kind virtual playground that embodies the Opera GX brand spirit. 

Built for Opera GX

Opera GX logo

Microsoft Hackers

Senior Studios proudly collaborated with industry giant Microsoft to launch the one-of-a-kind Hacker Pack bundle on the Minecraft Marketplace. A monumental project, showcasing our untamed creativity and commitment to quality, all while reaffirming the limitless potentials of gaming in fostering community and unity. 

Built for Microsoft

Microsoft logo
Twitch Rivals

Twitch Rivals Brawlers

In a partnership with Super League for the Twitch Rivals Brawlers event, we crafted a map that set the stage for unforgettable battles and showcased our expertise in crafting stages that host iconic gaming moments.

Built for Super League

Super League logo
Shockbyte Winter Event

Shockbyte Winter

Bringing festive joy to the Minecraft universe, we partnered with Shockbyte to create a winter wonderland map for their seasonal event, showcasing our adeptness in weaving the enchanting spirit of the season into immersive Minecraft landscapes. 

Built for Shockbyte

Shockbyte logo
LazarBeam Minecraft

LazarBeam vs Everyone

We partnered with LazarBeam to create  a custom video featuring unique Minecraft mini-games and challenges, designed to captivate millions. Collaborating with YouTube giants like MrBeast, KSI, Preston, TommyInnit, DanTDM, and Jacksepticeye, we exhibited Minecraft's capacity to engross and entertain on a grand scale, with over 9 million captivated viewers.

Built for LazarBeam

LazarBeam profile picture
Sidemen minecraft

Sidemen Hunger Games

Reliving the joy of nostalgic Hunger Games for Sidemen, we orchestrated a video that created a nostalgic feeling with audiences, reaping immense positive feedback. This venture stands as a testament to our ability to tap into what audiences love and bring it to life through Minecraft.

Built for Sidemen

sidemen profile picture
Speshel minecraft

Speshel Robot Invasion

Revolutionizing Speshel's Minecraft journey, we introduced custom robots, intriguing bosses, and unique items, crafting an adventure filled with challenges housed in creatively conceived labs, offering a gaming experience that was as thrilling as it was innovative.

Built for Speshel

Speshel profile picture
kier and dev minecraft

Kier and Dev Quests

Partnering with Kier and Dev, we orchestrated a dynamic Minecraft narrative where each had unique paths to beat the game, filled with custom quests and intriguing challenges. Our tailored approach ensured a rich, story-driven experience, highlighting our commitment to bringing fresh and personalized narratives to the Minecraft universe.

Built for Kier and Dev

kier and dev profile picture

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