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Important Aspects of Freelancing

Freelancing is an aspect of work that anyone, of any age, can get into. The goal of freelancing is not only to work with clients of all ages and ethnicities but also to provide the highest quality product in your field.

No matter your service, it is always needed, whether it is consulting, developing, art and design, However, when dealing with people all around the world, there is bound to be a few clients who attempt to take advantage of you. This is where there are important aspects to note when freelancing.


When working with clients, it is of utmost importance to establish policies that are in writing. These policies are written and created in order to allow the client to completely understand your guidelines when performing your services.

Important things to include in these policies include:

  • Refund Policy: Can the client cancel the service once you began working? If they are unsatisfied, how will you compensate them?

  • Payment Plan: Do you require 100% payment upfront? Does the client have to cover fees or taxes?

  • Agreement Clause: Once the client completes payment, they agree to the Terms of Service

This is only a list of a few important things to include, you have the ability to purchase written policies from a professional writer in Senior Studios or find a free template online.


It is vital for you and the client to understand what is being requested and what will be provided in return. To ensure the most information is received, it is best to not only ask the client to list out, in detail, what they are requesting but ask follow-up questions.

If there is a miscommunication of information, a lot can then happen, including:

  • Dissatisfaction of the client with the final product

  • Additional work and time spent completing the product

Ultimately, communication with the client will provide the best results and prevent this from occurring. However, in the case there is a miscommunication, the terms presented in your policies will be what allows you to be on the safe side.


Similar to how you look for updates on the shipping of a product you order online, your client does as well.

This allows the client to understand how the work is coming along. It makes the client feel secure knowing that quality work is being completed and their money is not being stolen or put towards poor quality work.

The feeling of communication and satisfaction will not only form long-term clients who come back looking for you to complete more services, but also refer you to others; therefore, expanding your client base at no extra cost.


Ultimately, this is just a list of the major aspects to understand freelancing. There are other important factors, like portfolios, which are covered in our previous blog posts.

If there is anything to take away from this, it is that in order to become a successful freelancer it is a requirement for you to hold a positive relationship with all past, present, and future clients.


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