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Villager trading in Minecraft guide

Villager trading in Minecraft

Since version 1.14, Villager trading has been an essential part of Minecraft's gameplay. It offers some very important items, including ones that can be very hard to get otherwise, and allows the player to acquire specific enchanted books without rolling the enchantment table over and over again.

Zombie Villagers & Reputation

Zombie Villagers are mobs that have a 5% chance to spawn instead of a zombie whenever the game would normally spawn a zombie. They have the same mechanics as zombies -- they can hold items, can wear armor, and will burn in daylight. However, Zombie Villagers are unique in that they can be cured by splashing them with a weakness potion and then feeding them a golden apple.

Once cured, a Zombie Villager will turn into a normal Villager, who will then give the player heavily discounted trades. This discount is not permanent; it will go away based on the player's reputation, and on the game's supply-demand mechanic.

Player reputation is effectively how much a given group of Villagers likes or dislikes the player. While discounts from curing a Zombie Villager is Villager-specific, other forms of gaining and losing reputation are specific to villages and groups of villagers. Higher reputation results in discounted trades, and lower reputation results in higher-priced trades.

Gain reputation by:

  • Curing a Zombie Villager (only applies to the cured Villager)

  • Splashing Villagers with healing potions

  • Having the "Hero of the Village" status effect, which lasts for a certain duration after defeating a raid (applies to all Villagers traded with while the player has the effect)

Lose reputation by:

  • Hitting or killing Villagers

  • Hitting or killing iron golems around the Villagers they're protecting

  • Failing to defeat a raid

Villager trades -- especially discounted ones -- are designed to go up in price if the trades are frequently used. This is a function of Minecraft's supply-demand mechanic; if there is high demand from the player, the price will go up.

Professions & Important Trades

Villagers have different professions based on the job block they link up to. Below is a list of all the professions, the blocks that they need, and the important trades they have. Once a Villager has been traded with in one profession, their profession will not change, even if their job block changes.

Armorer (Blast Furnace)

  • At their second highest level, Armorers will offer randomly-enchanted diamond leggings or boots. At their highest level, they will offer randomly-enchanted diamond helmets or chestplates.

  • Armorers are most useful for their emerald trades. When they were cured from being a zombie, they can trade one iron for one emerald, which is very useful if you have an iron farm.

Butcher (Smoker)

  • Butchers trade for and using raw and cooked meats. If you have high-output animal farms, this can be helpful for getting emeralds, but generally iron farms are more efficient.

Cartographer (Cartography Table)

  • Cartographers are important be