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Why marketing is pivotal

No matter your business, marketing is essential to see its success. Every single business has to understand marketing strategy and how to utilize it. Marketing helps boost sales and generates a following, hence giving your business a larger presence in its market. Examples of what marketing can do are; give your server a larger player base, attract more clients to your management service, and so forth. I will now go through some of the reasons why marketing is so important.

Growth. Marketing is an important strategy to ensure growth, while you should prioritize your current clients and customers it is equally as important to attract new ones and expand your base. Email campaigns, social media, etc. do not only engage current clients but also reach out to potential clients unaware of your business.

Informative. Marketing informs your clients. Even though you may know everything about your product/service, your customers do not. It is crucial to utilize marketing as a channel to inform and educate your clients. According to studies, marketing is the most effective way to communicate your value proposition (Why they should choose you).

Sustainability. Sustaining your business' presence is essential, and marketing is primed for that. It should be a part of your business routine, and not something you occasionally do, for the sake of doing it. For example, Pepsi and Cola are established brands and largest in their industry, yet they spend countless of money and time on marketing. Continuous marketing helps sustain and maintain your relationship with your clients.

Upper hand. It can give you the upper hand. Today's marketing has never been this cheap, hence smart and great marketing can even out the playing field. Even though another business can be both larger, and better in multiple aspects. Smart marketing can make you compete with other, larger businesses.

Revenue. It increases your revenue, as it helps you sell your product/service. You can have the perfect product, however, that is completely useless if they do not know your product exists. Hence you always need to analyze why your product/service failed, often poor marketing goes unnoticed.

SEO. It is important to utilize today's search engines and optimize your digital channels in order to gain an audience. The search engine decides which businesses will be on top when someone searches for a set of words, preferably related to the business. Your website could be perfect, but without SEO it will not attract any new customers and clients by itself.

In the end, there are countless reasons as to why you should always market your product/service. It is one of the most essential parts of your business, and valuing marketing will profit you in the end. It is equally important to market yourself smart, and correct. Spending time and resources on marketing incorrectly is both risky, and can be vulnerable to your business. You should always ask for advice and help if you do not know how to market.



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