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Enabling 2FA for Discord


Is Two-Factor Authentication necessary? Absolutely. This blog will cover how to set up and enable 2FA for discord. For information regarding 2FA and why it is crucial, give the "Importance of 2FA" blogpost a read.

How to enable 2FA

In this post, we will cover how to enable 2FA for the desktop/browser version of Discord. Start by going into your settings, then proceed to "My Account". Thereafter, you should see a blurple button named "Enable Two-Factor Auth". Advance with hitting the button.

Following hitting the "Enable Two-Factor Auth" button, a new window will pop up, asking you to type in your password. Afterward, a new window appears, asking you to log in with your 6-digit verification code. To get said code, you need to install an authenticator app for your phone/tablet. You are free to choose from either Authy or Google Authenticator. In this guide, I will utilize Authy.

After installing Authy, you will have to provide your phone number to register. After registering you will be at the main menu. Click on "Add Account", then either scan the QR code or input the key manually. I choose to do it manually. You will enter your "2FA KEY (MANUAL ENTRY)" in the text box. You can find this in discord. I have marked it pink in the picture. then press save. Afterward, you can customize, and add backup passwords, etc. I recommend doing so. Lastly, you should be left at the main menu again, where a token appears. Type the token in "LOGIN WITH YOUR CODE" in the discord application, and activate.


You have now successfully set up 2FA and your discord account is protected. Remember to back it up by either downloading the backup codes or adding your phone number as a backup. Never share your backup codes or anything else that may compromise your account!



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