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LazarBeam - Youtube video case study

A Unique Collaboration Featuring Custom Minecraft Mini-Games and Challenges for LazarBeam and World-Renowned YouTubers

YouTube video developed for LazarBeam, featuring custom Minecraft mini-games and challenges, designed by our Minecraft build team. Collaborations with top content creators, such as MrBeast, KSI, Preston, TommyInnit, DanTDM, and Jacksepticeye. Over 9 million views, showcasing the engaging and entertaining nature of the video.


About the Project

Creation of a YouTube video centered around the concept of "LazarBeam VS Everyone". Each participating YouTuber had their own custom map and mini-game to compete in. The goal was to provide an engaging and entertaining video for LazarBeam's audience, featuring collaborations with some of the biggest content creators in the world.


LazarBeam, Jacksepticeye and DanTDM faced a boss designed to resemble "DUDE" from the movie Free Guy which showcased various abilities, such as throwing giant rocks and cars.

LazarBeam and TommyInnit raced to the top of a mountain to deliver a ring to the "Queen of England". Custom mobs resembling the queen's guards were incorporated for added visual appeal.

Bodhi (LazarBeam's Nephew)

A TNT Arrow-based spleef game, with players shooting arrows to destroy platforms.

LazarBeam and Preston raced to collect materials to feed a cow. The goal was to make the cow grow as large as possible by feeding it items.

LazarBeam and MrBeast competed in a Rock-Paper-Scissors battle featuring custom items with unique kill animations and effects.


The LazarBeam YouTube video demonstrates the potential of engaging collaborations between content creators and custom Minecraft challenges, designed by our Minecraft build team. The success of the video highlights the effectiveness of unique and entertaining content in attracting and retaining audiences. This case study serves as an inspiration for other creators looking to collaborate and create engaging content that features custom-designed game experiences.

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