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Opera GX - Minecraft experience case study

A Tailored Minecraft Server Experience By Our Minecraft Build Team Featuring Unique Game Modes and Eye-catching Hub Design for Opera GX.

Opera GX, a gaming-focused web browser designed to cater to gamers' specific needs

Offers unique features, such as CPU and RAM limiters, customizable design, and integration with gaming platforms. Aims to engage the gaming community and showcase its commitment to providing an optimal gaming experience.

minecraft spawn

About the Project

Creation of a custom Minecraft server with an attractive hub to display Opera GX's Minecraft games. Collaboration between the Opera GX team and Senior Studios to design and develop the server, maps, and game modes. Designed to provide an immersive and engaging virtual experience for the gaming community while reflecting the Opera GX brand identity.


Hub Design

A visually appealing hub featuring Opera GX's distinctive design aesthetic, colors, and logo. Intuitive navigation and layout, showcasing the available game modes for easy access.


Custom-designed maps reflecting Opera GX's brand identity. Engaging gameplay and strategic elements to entertain and challenge players.


Unique map designs that incorporate Opera GX's visual style. Exciting and fast-paced gameplay to keep players engaged.

Murder Mystery

Intricately designed maps with an Opera GX-inspired theme. Immersive gameplay that encourages social interaction and problem-solving.

Zombie Apocalypse

Opera GX-themed maps with challenging environments for players to navigate. Intense and action-packed gameplay, pitting players against waves of zombies.


The Opera GX Minecraft serer, crafted by skilled Minecraft builders for hire, offers an innovative marketing solution by utilizing custom game modes and visually appealing hub design to engage its target audience. The server effectively showcases the brand's identity and commitment to the gaming community. This project exemplifies the potential for other brands to leverage tailored gaming experiences to connect with their audience and strengthen brand engagement.

Senior Studios

We specialize in creating immersive Minecraft experiences for your events and to bring your brand into Minecraft with our Minecraft build team. Contact us to talk about your opportunity!


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