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Ways to enjoy Minecraft with friends


Minecraft is a fantastic game to play and have fun in. However, it is even more fun with friends or family alongside. Minecraft is one of the best games to play with other people and what better way to do it than with your friends? In this blog, we will go through some ideas on what you can possibly do with your friends, as constantly coming up with new and interesting things to do can be difficult and tedious.

The ideas in this blog range from everything to trying out modpacks together, to having a friendly build competition. These are just some basic ideas that you should build upon and adapt to your situation. Put your own spin on it! Now let us look at the ideas.


Let us delve into all the different ideas you can try out with your friends. Remember you do not have to follow these ideas strictly, nor do I recommend you to do so.

Build Competition. This one is quite basic, but it is surely fun. Host a build competition between your friends. This can be simply done in a creative world and then send the world file or images to your selected judges. Or you could purchase a realm or a server and have the judges join and view your builds before casting their vote. Or perhaps joining a network and competing for the best score in build battle would suit you more? There are endless twists you can do with this idea, find your own way of doing it.

Custom/Advensture map. Try out a custom map together. These maps can be very fun and challenging depending on what map you choose. You can either traverse through a story rich map with countless quests and roleplay, or you can jump and run the different parkour maps. There are custom maps for everything and anything, you just need to find them. You can find a lot of great ones through YouTube and Blogs.

SMP World. Start a private realm or server for your friends only, and make it pure survival with no form of plugins, cheats or additions to the game. You have probably watched Hermitcraft, or DreamSMP and gotten blown away by their creations and creativity. Why not do something like that yourself, with your friends? You do not have to be as extreme as Hermitcraft and so on, but you can still accomplish amazing things in Minecraft with you and your friends only.

Creative World. Have your own creative world where you make the most amazing builds. Perhaps you can create a megaproject together. For example, recreating Hogwarts together, or Tatooine from Star Wars. Set a theme for your world that all of your friends has knowledge of.

Modpacks. Modpacks are a great way to spice up Minecraft. There is something different in playing modpacks. There is a wide range of modpacks you can try out. Everything from modpacks that highlight farming and agriculture, to modpacks that introduces new planets and machines. There is a modpack for anyone on Minecraft. My personal favourite is Tekkit Classic, if you remember the "OG" days of Minecraft, you should definitely try it out.

Competetive Minecraft. Try joining a competitive Minecraft network and reach the top. This could be anything from joining a competitive factions server, and together creating a faction that will rule the server. Or making a PvP guild that is the best at bedwars. Find a game mode that suits you and your friends perfectly, and then join a competitive server. Just remember you are not the only one competing for the top!

Create your own server. Perhaps none of these fit with you. Then I have one last idea for you. How about creating your own server together with your friends. Imagine an awesome server with people connecting from all over the globe. Maybe you can create a server with your friends' favourite game mode, and make it into something else, something brand new. However, this can be very costly and time-consuming, so remember what you are in for. And there is no guarantee it will be a success.

The end

This is it for this week's blog. I hope you found some cool ideas to try out with your friends. Remember that Minecraft is one of the most sandbox games out there, and you can literally create and play anything you want. There are thousands of other things you can do with your friends, but these are some simple things that can spark an idea.


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