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Winter in Minecraft


Christmas has just passed and we finally have time to enjoy all our new gifts and presents. Perhaps you just got Minecraft, or you finally got an upgrade to your old PC. Whatever it may be, this blog will go through some awesome winter-themed maps, resource packs and more that you can enjoy during boxing week.

The holidays are a magical time, also in Minecraft. Getting the winter mood in your Minecraft world to get that cozy feeling may seem difficult. However, I will provide you with links and everything you need to do it with ease. Just click the picture to get a redirect to the download page.


A Snowy Christmas

This custom map is made by TightBoi707 & URPawned. This map includes all kinds of puzzles and challenges you can complete by yourself or with a handful of friends. The map size is decently sized and you can overcome it without spending hours upon hours. The map was made in 1.17, and it is recommended to use that version for the best experience.

Christmas Parkour

This is quite a simple parkour map. However, very much enjoyable in my opinion. It was made by RageCordPlays. This map features parkour puzzles everyone can solve, and the difficulty throughout the map is mediocre. There are also several checkpoints scattered throughout the map. You should be able to complete the map within 15-30 minutes. It was built in 1.16.

Find the Button: Santa's Village

This adventure map is made by Pixelskies and is a "Find the Button" map. It includes a wide range of different Christmas builds and also includes a backstory to go with it. You need a custom resource pack in order to get the best experience. There are a total of 6 buttons to find, and you can bring your friends with you. The map was made on 1.13.

Resource Packs


This resource pack is in my opinion the best Christmas/winter themed pack out there. It includes everything you will need to get that festive feeling in your world. It features countless high-resolution textures, but also some "custom" blocks like toys, roof blocks, furniture and computers. If you want a fun pack to express your creativity to the fullest, this is the one to go for.

Apoco's Holiday Pack

This pack does not change the texture of the game itself, rather just the GUI. This is perfect for the PvP oriented players that just want the festive feeling without swapping out their PvP pack. This changes for example the food and health bar to more winter-themed icons.


Gingerbread Man

This is quite the fun and cool skin, with definitely a festive theme to it.


What about being one of Santa's reindeer? This is truly a well-made skin, perfect for this.


How about Santa? Just remember to take a break from jumping down chimneys!

Happy Holidays!

With that, the winter special has come to an end. I hope you found some nice additions to your game and have a happy holiday. Remember to take care of yourself and those around you. On behalf of Senior Studios, I want to wish you all a pleasant winter!


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