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Increase Minecraft Server Player Count

We all want one thing on our Minecraft server, success. On a more specific note, to have a large player count, also known as a community. However, in today's world with the rise of social media, new community platforms, and more, it can be difficult to understand what the optimal strategy is to grow a Minecraft server's player count in 2022.

Nonetheless, here are the top ways to set your Minecraft server on the path to success.

Option 1: Social Media Wait just a second. Before you go onto Twitter and start replying to every Minecraft-based tweet, let us explain how to properly use social media for Minecraft marketing.

Players need a reason to join your server, and the server being released is not a strong enough reason. It is more than likely that when scrolling through TikTok, YouTube Shorts, or even Instagram Reels, you have come across an, "I saw this player..." type of content on your feed. Well, if you didn't know it then, that is a key marketing tactic used by the largest Minecraft servers around.

An example of this type of content can be seen here:

Option 2: Content Creators It may seem as though gaining ground on a platform that is saturated with content may be near impossible, or simply put, you do not have the time or resources to create content similar to what is described above. That is where those who have worked for months, maybe even years come into play to be able to boost your player base. However, before simply going and choosing the first Minecraft content creator you see, it is important to consider the following;

  • Is the content creator within my budget?

  • Is the content creator within the niche of my server?

  • Is the content creator still active and growing their own channel?

Often, you see a Minecraft server owner simply choose the first option that comes to the offering, rather than doing in-depth research. These often lead owners to feel discouraged, as though they had wasted a ton of money.

Option 3: Minecraft Voting Sites

Reluctantly, this is a third option to be used to grow your Minecraft server. With the trends of Minecraft marketing rapidly changing, along with the saturation of Minecraft voting sites and the extreme prices for a 'Featured' slot, this method has become one of the more costly options.

A player joins a Minecraft server for one main thing, being a part of a community. The problem with Minecraft voting sites is that the players often "trickle in"; meaning, there will be a cycle of a player joining, having no one, then leaving. Listing your Minecraft server on a Minecraft voting website is a strong option; however, we do not recommend paying a single dime for a 'Featured' slot, but rather putting the investment elsewhere. You can find some Minecraft voting websites linked here;


Where you invest your time, money, and recourses in an attempt to become a successful Minecraft server in 1.19 or any version is up to you. We are simply showcasing what we currently believe are our top 3 options to grow a successful Minecraft server in 2022. With that, please remember that the end product, the quality of the server, is just as important. It doesn't matter how much you spend on marketing if the players won't want to continue engaging with your product.


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