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How to fix lag in Minecraft


Lag can ruin your experience when playing the game. It can also ruin your players' experience when playing the game if you own a server that is constantly lagging. What type of lag it is you are experiencing can depend on a vast set of factors, some include your PC, internet connection, and so forth. In this blog, we will cover all the different types of lag in Minecraft and how you can fix them.

Some common reasons why you or your players start lagging is not enough RAM, and too many players, plugins or worlds. Simply your server has way too many elements for your server to keep up, and they start lagging out. You can always upgrade your servers RAM to fix this. There could also be errors in your console that may cause lag, remember to check on it to make sure! You can solve said errors by googling them and finding out yourself.

Different types of lag


TPS (Ticks per second) lag is commonly referred to as server lag. TPS can be used to measure the stability and performance of your Minecraft server. The maximum number of ticks per second you can have is 20.00. In essence, each tick updates your server. I.e. movement of mobs, players, crop growth etc. The lower your TPS is, the longer these will take to update, hence lag will occur. You can often see the TPS on your server by running the /memory or /tps command. It when then outputs a number, which is your server TPS. The rule of thumb is that your server should always have a TPS of around 19-20

How to fix it

TPS can be fixed in many ways. Primarily you should try to reduce the amount of RAM your server uses. You can do this in many different ways, in this blog I will primarily cover one way. One option is to remove some of your plugins. Your server will overload if you have too many plugins and not enough RAM. You should try to remove some of the less crucial plugins if you cannot upgrade your RAM.


FPS lag is client-sided and is something you as a player should worry about, it is also the most common type of lag. The reason for FPS lag is that often your CPU or GPU cannot keep up with everything going on in Minecraft. FPS in-game is affected by the number of entities, massive updates to the word (I.e. worldedit, TNT, creating a world). If you have played Minecraft enough, you can remember how your FPS responded to you blowing up countless TNT at the same time.

I will go through the two ways you can up your FPS. The first one is upgrading your computer. FPS lag is the only lag that has something to do with the quality of your computer, hence upgrading it will give you more FPS. The second option is installing Optifne. Optifine is famous for increasing performance on Minecraft and it will very much help you.


Latency is often referred to as internet lag. This is due to being too far away from the server host. Latency often leads to block lag, as the information needs to travel from A-B. For example, if you walk 10 blocks south, that information needs to travel to every other player. Essentially it is the input of your computer taking time to appear for others.

Fixing Latency

Check your server location and see if you are the closest you can be to our servers. If you see that any of our server locations are closer to you than your current server's location, submit a ticket and request a transfer free of charge.


And that is it for the blog about lag on Minecraft. If you cannot find the problem or solution there are countless different YouTube tutorials that can help you. You can also seek assistance from your host if your server is lagging for all your players or a bulk of them. Lag can ruin the impression people have of your server, so you should definitely prioritize it highly. You may also have to up your servers' RAM if none of the tips works out for you, however, the price for your server will most likely increase.



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