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Minecraft: The Best Biomes to Live in


There are plenty of biomes you can settle down in, but finding the right biome can be difficult. The biome you chose to live in will be your home for a long while in your world, and moving to a new biome can be difficult and take time. Therefore in this blog, we will go through the best biomes aesthetically in Minecraft. Keep in mind, these are my personal favourites, and your favourites may not be mentioned.

I will range these biomes from least to favourite, to my favourite biome. I will not take into consideration their harsh environments, resources, or anything of that kind in this ranking. Purely how they are to look at and live in.

The Biomes

The Peaks

The peaks are three different biomes, stony, and jagged peaks. However, in this blog, I decided to mention them as one. The peaks are a brand new addition to the game and a part of the new world generation. This towering terrain makes for stunning scenes, and it is perfect for any large scale builds. If you are playing on survival - there is a limited amount of wood nearby, and there does not spawn passive mobs on the peaks.

It should be mentioned that the different peaks do look different, however, their general shape is the same. The stony peaks are temperate and small patches of grass and greenery can be found. The jagged one is the one in the picture and has no greenery. Lastly, the frozen one looks very similar to the jagged one, but the peaks are made up of ice and frozen.

Warm Ocean

The warm ocean is one of the many ocean biomes, and it is definitely the most stunning one out of them all. It has one of the most beautiful things in Minecraft - the coral reefs. The reefs are colourful and filled with joy. Thanks to the sea pickles the reefs also light up at night. In addition, the light blue tropical water compliment the colours of the reef in a perfect way.

In terms of building, there are not many resources, nor a practical biome to build in. I advise you to make an underwater base or settle yourself in on the shore next to one of these reefs. The view is great from shore as well, and perhaps you can even spot one of the sunken ships laying on the sea bed.

Bamboo Jungle

The bamboo jungle itself looks captivating. It has all the great features from the normal jungle, in addition, it has bamboo growing all over the place. You can find small and large lakes around the jungle, as well as rivers flowing through the jungle. It is surely the perfect place to build your dream treehouse.

What makes bamboo jungle differ from the rest is not necessarily the terrain, but the animals that live in the jungle. You can find the normal jungle animals, like the colourful parrot and the ocelot. But you can also find the cute panda roaming amongst the bamboo.

Lush Caves

These overgrown caves are my favourite cave biome that got added to the game. It is much more colourful than the rest and has a gloomy and cozy feel to it. The vegetation inside is ideal for any builds. The lush caves can really get your creativity to flourish.

The ponds of the lush caves are also great. You can find tropical fish, glow squids and the famous axolotl. The ponds give the lush caves the extra touch that makes them rank this high on my favourite biomes.

Warped Forest

The warped forest is by far my favourite biome in Minecraft right now. The warped forests are one of the most peaceful biomes in the nether. In addition, the blue vegetation is a great contrast to the red nether. The scenery appears magical and is very nice to explore.

However, the only downside to this biome is that it is in the nether, and it is not the most friendly world to settle yourself in. However, if you are up for a challenge and want to live in the nether, the warped forest is by far the best one to build your nether castle in.

Until next time!

That is it for this week's blog. I hope you have figured out where you will stay for your next world. What are your go-to biomes when you start a fresh and new world?


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