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The upcoming Minecraft 1.19

The Wild update

In this blog we will cover the upcoming Minecraft 1.19, and what we know so far! After the release of 1.18, we can be very excited about what is to come. Mojang showed their class and skill with the new world generation, however, one major part of that was missing and postponed. The dark deep. Now, what is to come alongside the dark deep with the 1.19 update?


There are a few new mobs that will come in 1.19 that we know of as of writing this. If this is not your cup of tea, do not be alarmed, there is a lot yet to be revealed. There are a total of five mobs that we know of, and these are:


This is the first mob that will accompany the new mangrove swamps. What mangrove swamps? We will get back to that later in the blog! Anyhow the fireflies are tiny creatures that will light up the swamps during nightfall. It is uncertain if these are going to be actual mobs, like the bats. Or particle-like creatures, just lighting up the swamps.


There will also be the addition of frogs. These will not be limited to the new swamps, as there are multiple versions of them. Some can be found in the towering mountains, while others can be found in the droughty deserts. The frogs can also eat the fireflies.


These will eventually grow into frogs, and you can pick them up with a bucket. Where the tadpole grows up determines its type of frog. For example, if a tadpole grows up in a desert-like area it will become the tropical version.


The allay is the winner of this year's mob vote. The ally is a cute little fairy looking creature. It has a blue tone to it. Its unique feature is that it will go hunting for items for you, The way it works is that if you drop an item to it, it will look for it and deliver it to you, or a note block. However, you should keep in mind that it does not mine or gather any items. It can only pick up dropped items laying on the ground.


The warden is the new horror-inspired mob that is going to dwell in the deep dark. It is going to be the first mob that is blind and will utilize sound to determine your surroundings. It will be very large in scale and have dark colours to blend in with the dark. It looks to have a huge health pool, and do enormous amounts of damage. They are also said to be found in ancient cities.


There is also two new biomes confirmed, as well as biome diversity. Thi